[rabbitmq-discuss] Proper protocol for dealing with crash dumps?

Alex Zepeda alex at inferiorhumanorgans.com
Mon Oct 8 21:27:24 BST 2012

On Mon, Oct 08, 2012 at 08:44:11PM +0100, Matthias Radestock wrote:

> Right, so rabbit attempting to allocate 700Mb looks a bit suspicious but 
> could still be ok, i.e. if it wasn't using much at the time.
> Could a client might be sending a very large message?

I suppose anything's possible.  Is there some high water mark for message
size?  A typical message should be around 400 bytes of text.

> Have you got heartbeats enabled? If not then turn them on.


> Do the shovel connections show up at the destination?

Yes, with a five second timeout.

> Btw, have you got a prefetch_count set in your shovel config and are 
> running in an ack mode other than no_ack? If not then that might explain 
> the unexpectedly high memory usage since a stuck shovel connection would 
> cause messages to pile up in memory in the shovel.

The shovel config looks like so:

                    [ {sources,
                        [ {broker, "amqp://"} ]}
                    , {destinations,
                        [ {broker, "amqp://user:password@remote.hostname?heartbeat=5"} ]}
                    , {queue, <<"queue_name">>}
                    , {ack_mode, on_confirm}
                    , {publish_properties, [ {delivery_mode, 2} ]}
                    , {reconnect_delay, 35}

- alex

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