[rabbitmq-discuss] Finding out only unacked messages

Michał Michalak michal.a.michalak at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 15:50:05 BST 2012

Hello. I am seeking to filter out only messages that have been taken for 
consumption but not acked properly. I am working with service which normal 
workflow is: take message, work with it for some time, ack it when work is 
completed. Now consider situation when producer service puts a message in 
queue, then consumer service takes message and dies during work. Since 
there was no ack, message stays in queue. There was no intentional reject 
because service is down. I wouldn't want to use TTL because it can happen 
that one service quickly bursts with few thousands messages for another 
service to process them slowly one by one, so they will be waiting in queue 
quite some time and that can't be consider an error. My goal is to avoid 
looping when service will recover, then take again the message, again goes 
down during work with no ack, recover again, etc. The best solution would 
be to filter out 

Many thanks for any help and/or possible design pattern.
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