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Jim Swainston JSwainston at SportingIndex.com
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Hi Emile,

Thanks for the response.  Having spoken further with the client it appears he mixed his error messages up. The 403, ACCESS_REFUSED is actually coming from a php pecl client. I assume that this is a port or proxy issue.
Could you please confirm a couple of things for me...

The only port that need to be open for access to RabbitMQ as a consumer is 5672

The message 'Server channel error: 403, message: ACCESS_REFUSED - access to queue 'amq.gen-gx1n4EQIgnm7NVZlwZI2e5' in vhost '/blah' refused for user 'username'' is coming from the RabbitMQ server, not the client.

Thanks again for your help


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Hi Jim,

On 04/10/12 09:32, Jim Swainston wrote:
> *'Server channel error: 403, message: ACCESS_REFUSED - access to queue

Have you checked the permissions for the user by comparing the details at http://www.rabbitmq.com/access-control.html with the output from "rabbitmqctl list_permissions"? Which authentication provider are you using?

Permissions should not be affected by the location you connect from, so check the network topology and make sure you are connecting to the correct broker.


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