[rabbitmq-discuss] How can we stop rpcserver gracefully?

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu Oct 4 10:30:10 BST 2012


On 04/10/12 04:10, Hongtao wrote:
> but, for shtutting down rpc server,  how can we make sure all
> messages have been dealt with, and no msg lost. we want a graceful
> shutdown process, seems no document talking about that.
> if we call: execService.shutdown();
> Consumer.handleDelivery will not be triggerred then?

If you make sure not to acknowledge RPC requests until after sending the
RPC reply then message will not be lost, even if you shut down the RPC
server. Your clients must be prepared to handle duplicates though, as
replies might be sent more than once.


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