[rabbitmq-discuss] Often failed to produce message due to TIMEOUT WAITING FOR ACK

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed Oct 3 22:05:21 BST 2012


On 03/10/12 05:24, Wong Kam Hoong wrote:
> Thanks for your advise, after I set the timeout to 1 minute the problem
> gone, but 1 minute seems too long..

Well yes, but the point of setting the timeout to 1 minute was to check 
that there isn't a more fundamental problem, like the confirms not being 
received at all.

Is a 1 minute timeout actually causing a problem for you, bearing in 
mind that, as seems to be the case, most of the time the confirm arrives 
a lot quicker?

If it really does bother you then I suggest you start recording some 
data on the basic resource usage of your system - CPU, memory, disk, 
etc, and see whether there is any correlation with confirm times.



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