[rabbitmq-discuss] Two questions about AMQP protocol's marshalling/unmarshalling

raocheng rc.china at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 15:10:05 BST 2012

While I am reading amqp0-9-1.pdf, I get two questions about  AMQP
protocol's marshalling/unmarshalling: Strings:
Short strings, stored as an 8-bit unsigned integer length followed by zero
or more octets of data. Short strings can carry up to 255 octets of UTF-8
data, but may not contain binary zero octets.

Question: What does "binary zero octets" mean ? Why can they not be
contained in shortstr ?
======= field Tables
... The name-value pairs are encoded as short string defining the name, and
octet defining the values type and then the value itself.

Question: By the definition, there should be an octet used for defining the
values type. So where can we know the detailed definition for each value
type (e.g, 1 --> octet, 2 -> short, 3-> long, 4 -> longlong, 5 -> shortstr,
6-> longstr, 7->table, ...) ? I can not find the corresponding definition
in AMQP's documents(amqp0-9-1.xml, amqp0-9-1.pdf)

Thanks in advance!
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