[rabbitmq-discuss] BUG: Failing nodes with HA-queue stops message flow

Simon Lundström simlu at su.se
Mon Oct 1 13:48:34 BST 2012

Hello Matthias!

On Mon, 2012-10-01 at 13:16:10 +0100, Matthias Radestock wrote:
> Simon,
> On 01/10/12 13:03, Simon Lundström wrote:
> ># In the management web GUI under the queue (simlu.queue) the
> >consumer is not listed as connected to the queue. However, if I go to
> >"Connections" I can see that the consumer is connected to disk01.
> >According to the log the consumer is also connected.
> ># Publish message via the producer # We now have 1 message "Ready" in
> >the queue. The consumer does not get any message.
> The most likely explanation consistent with the above observations
> is that the client failed to issue a 'basic.consume' after
> reconnecting.

I left it out, but after disk01 restarts messages can pass fine.
It's when/after ram01 restarts that the consumer disappears from
"Consumers" in the queue and message passing stops.

Admittedly I'm new to AMQP and RabbitMQ, but I don't get why the
consumer which is connected to disk01 would start failing when ram01 is
being restarted.

- Simon

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