[rabbitmq-discuss] pub/sub and disconnections handling

Tony Garnock-Jones tonygarnockjones+rabbitmq at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 18:56:39 BST 2012

Hi Matwey,

That's right. Publishers can sometimes learn about subscribers being
missing (see the "immediate" and "mandatory" flags to Basic.Publish), but
subscribers can in general not learn whether any matching publisher exists
at any given time.

One workaround might be to use something like my experimental

   - https://github.com/tonyg/presence-exchange


On 30 March 2012 11:20, Matwey V. Kornilov <matwey.kornilov at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> I can't understand some amqp concepts because they are new to me. If I use
> pub/sub pattern (just as described in tutorial), there is exchange and
> consumers' queues bound with it. Do I understand right that there is no way
> for consumers to know whether there is client who writes to this exchange?
> Moreover, there is no way to know if the publisher is dead or just there is
> nothing to publish?
> What is the right way to implement subscribers' behaviour such that they
> move to some 'autonomous' state in case of publisher death or
> disconnection?
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