[rabbitmq-discuss] Testing Shovel on a WAN

MELIQUE Denis (MORPHO) denis.melique at morpho.com
Thu Mar 29 08:28:30 BST 2012

Thank you Simon.

> That seems unlikely. Packet loss should lead to redelivery at the TCP 
> level, which the shovel should be unaware of.

> Messages should only get redelivered if the consumer rejects them or the 
> TCP connection is interrupted completely. Shovel won't reject messages, 
> but maybe the connection is being interrupted and re-established? You 
> should be able to see this in the logs. You would also see a 
> "redelivered" message rate in mgmt.

Where could I get the redelivered messages rate ?
I can't see it in the mngt interface. 
I only have : 
Messages /
Messages rate / 
	Deliver / get
I also tried with the command : python rabbitmqadmin.py -H <myhost> -f raw_json list queues, and there no redelivered field in the displayed values.

> unacknowledged -> the message has been consumed by the remote end, but 
> not acknowledged.

As the network is cut, the remote end cannot consume messages.
They all stay in the Shovel queue, or somewhere else at the local end. 
Shouldn't they have the Ready Status ?

> After 900 seconds presumably the connection is determined to be dead by 
> RabbitMQ and then the messages go back into the queue ("ready").
What do you mean by "go back into the queue" ?
Does-it mean that unacknowledged messages, are no longer in the Shovel Queue ?
Shovel code, reads messages from its queue, and keep them in memory until an ack is received ?
If Yes, what if the broker crashes ? Are we going to lose all unack messages in that case (if we do not use HA queues)?

> Then when the network recovers, they are sent again and become 
> "unacknowledged" again, until the acks come in.

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