[rabbitmq-discuss] Using ACLs to filter on topics?

Eric J. Holtman eric at holtmans.com
Tue Mar 27 20:00:40 BST 2012

Having looked over this, I think the answer to my question
is "NO", but....

Is there some way using Rabbit's permission system to filter
messages by topic?

That is.... let's say I have an exchange set up to provide
information on stock positions.   If I just have one exchange,
and the topic is "acct.symbol", and I post messages with topics
like "1.IBM", "2.IBM", "1.AAPL", is there any way to set up
a user so that if he binds a queue to that exchange for reading,
I could restrict him to only seeing the "2.*" messages?

Or would I have to promote the account up out of the topic
into its on exchange for something like this to work (and then
user "clerk" might have read access to "^2\..*", while "admin"
might have read access to "^{1,2}\..*"

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