[rabbitmq-discuss] Strange Behavior with Queues - 2.8.1

DawgTool dawgtool at aol.com
Tue Mar 27 13:00:47 BST 2012

Hi Simon,

I forgot to reply last night, I started the reinstall on 2.8.1 on the 
hosts and noticed that the second host was 2.7.9, after upgrade 
everything worked fine.
Sorry for the false alarm, strange that it allowed me into the cluster 
with a un-match version.


On 3/27/12 6:04 AM, Simon MacMullen wrote:
> On 26/03/12 17:37, DawgTool wrote:
>> Having some strange behavior with queues on 2.8.1.
>> If I publish to host 1 and the queue is on host 1, messages seem to flow
>> correctly.
>> If I publish to host 1 and the queue is on host 2, message start then
>> are blocked (flow control) and the servers become unresponsive to queue
>> deletes, connections, etc.
> You're talking about clustering, not shovel / federation, right?
>> Anyone else seeing this behavior?
> Afraid not - I just sanity checked this myself and it works fine.
> You definitely have *both* cluster nodes on 2.8.1?
> Cheers, Simon

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