[rabbitmq-discuss] Support for CentOS

Bell, Paul M. pbell at syncsort.com
Fri Mar 23 21:02:45 GMT 2012


I just opened the README for Erlang 15B.

I was slightly terrified to see therein no mention of either CentOS or RedHat as supported platforms. I then checked the www.erlang.se<http://www.erlang.se> site and my fears were not allayed. The erlang.org site does mention support for "Linux" but does not further qualify it.

So, with an eye to having a relaxed weekend, I put these questions:

1.       Are there open source versions of RabbitMQ and Erlang that will run on a 64-bit CentOS (or RedHat) machine?

2.       Are they binary distributions, or will we have to build them?

Please let me know!

Thanks very much.


PS: I have indeed seen references on the Web to folks installing both on RedHat, e.g., http://helenaedelson.com/?p=571



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