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James Spibey james.spibey at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 08:46:09 GMT 2012


I'm trying to determine if RabbitMQ is the right solution for me, and I was 
hoping someone here might be able to help answer a couple of questions?

The app I'm working on is fairly simple, a user creates a listing which 
they can then post to a website, but also post links to twitter and 
facebook and send out a bulk email to a list of subscribers. At the moment 
this is all done synchronously when the user saves the listing through a 
web site, but I would like to use a queue to increase the reliability of 
the solution. 

The following is how I think the new solution might work:-

1) User posts new listing through web app which we commit to database.
2) Listing is reformatted for each of Twitter/Facebook/Email and committed 
to the database.
2) Listing is added to a message queue.
3) Background process(es) read the queue and submit to facebook, twitter 
and email (SMTP).
4) User is notified if anything went wrong.

So my questions:-

- If this a good idea or am I thinking of queues in the wrong way?
- The listing is committed to the database, but at the moment we also 
persist the twitter/facebook/email messages to the database too because 
they are formatted differently. Should we continue to do this or should 
those just be RabbitMQ messages? I don't suppose we really need to be able 
to see those (except for debugging)
- Should the Message which is sent to the Queue be everything which the 
consumer needs to process the message or is it acceptable to just send a 
primary key and have the consumer (background process) fetch it from the 
- How do I notify the client of a failure? Ideally I'd like to be able to 
present it back in the web app UI

Sorry for all the questions, I appreciate any help you can give


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