[rabbitmq-discuss] Experimenting with release candidates: RabbitMQ 2.7.9

Lionel Cons lionel.cons at cern.ch
Wed Mar 14 14:42:51 GMT 2012

Simon MacMullen writes:
 > Damn, it looks like you need some default_user details defined for this 
 > to work. (They can be invalid credentials: they will not be used, they 
 > just need to exist.)

Indeed, adding a default_user seems to work. It would be nice if this
"hack" could be removed.

However, I've only progressed a tiny bit. I now get:

=ERROR REPORT==== 14-Mar-2012::15:37:22 ===
STOMP error frame sent:
Message: "Bad CONNECT"
Detail: "Authentication failure\n"
Server private detail: none

Which is normal since the certificate I've used is not known. However,
could the DN be logged in the "Server private detail" section please?

I remember some discussions about DN formats, quotes, escaping... and
I would like to know from RabbitMQ itself what it expects.

There was also the question of CN versus DN, is this configurable now?



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