[rabbitmq-discuss] Connection attempt from disallowed node question

Derek Greer dbgreer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 22:22:30 GMT 2012

I've installed RabbitMQ successfully on several Windows servers and
documented the process for the admins at our company.  Upon following my
instructions for adding a new user, they received an error along the lines

 Error: unable to connect to node rabbit@[machinename]: nodedown.

The logs also have the following:

 =ERROR REPORT==== 13-Mar-2012::15:00:15 ===
110 ** Connection attempt from disallowed node rabbitmqctl32476@[machine
name] **

Everything I've read about this says this is due to the erlang cookie of
the user executing the rabbitmqctl.bat command not matching the global
erlang cookie in C:\Windows, so I've had the admin check these values and
he claims they are the exact same.  The RabbitMQ service is running as the
default system account which doesn't have a home directory, so I assume the
service runs the process with the cookie from C:\Windows.

Can anyone provide some guidance for where to go next?

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