[rabbitmq-discuss] Inconsistent queue synchronization behavior

Matt Pietrek mpietrek at skytap.com
Tue Mar 13 21:42:05 GMT 2012

I'm experiencing a problem with mirrored queue synchronization, and I'm
trying to determine if there's a bug or I'm just not understanding

Our setup:
* RabbitMQ 2.71 on 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04.
* Three brokers with all queues mirrored
* Web Management plugin installed

We typically have five queues defined, all mirrored. If I observe them in
the "Queues tab" of the Management UI, they all have a green "+2" after the
Node name. They're all mastered on the same Node.

None of these queues have any messages, and there are no clients connected,
sending or receiving messages.

If I stop one of the brokers, all the "+2"s become "+1", as expected.
However, when I restart the broker a couple of seconds later, some subset of
the queues (varies from run to run) go back to "+2", while the remaining
queues switch to "+1  +1", meaning 1 synched, and 1 unsynched.

Given that there are no messages in the queue, I don't understand why some
queues don't synch back up properly.

Also, I've looked at the sync status of the queues in rabbitmqctl, and the
results seem consistent with what the HTTP API reports.


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