[rabbitmq-discuss] Can RabbitMQ handle big messages?

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Hi, Zabrane:

Ultimately you'll be limited by disk space.  If a queue gets large with messages
that are either unconsumed, or delivered but not ACKed, and the broker determines
that it's under memory pressure, it will page messages to files on disk, blocking
producers in the meantime using TCP back pressure.  The mechanism is discussed here:


In practice you don't want to routinely be flirting with the memory watermark, and
as a rule, its value is probably best left at the default 0.40 level.  In production
you should make sure your monitoring/alerting system is watching broker memory usage,
and probably the lengths and memory consumption of queues of importance to your app.
If queues are getting uncharacteristically backed up, it's often because something
has changed or gone wrong (unexpected producer load, crashed or buggy consumers,

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This leads me to this question: 

Let assume I'm able to ensure that all my messages are less than 100Kb. 

How many messages one RabbitMQ mode can handle at any given time? Is there any limitation? 


On Mar 12, 2012, at 5:39 PM, Tony Garnock-Jones wrote: 

On 12 March 2012 12:23, Zabrane Mickael < zabrane3 at gmail.com > wrote: 

On Mar 12, 2012, at 5:02 PM, Matthew Sackman wrote: 

For those of us struggling to follow this, if you're currently in the 
act of receiving data from node X, why can't you assume node X is still 
alive? I.e. what is wrong with treating arbitrary data from node X as 
evidence it's still alive, in lieu of a heartbeat from node X? 


Yes, that repeats the information that Irmo started this subthread with. It doesn't address Matthew's question at all, though. 

Perhaps the erlang list is a better place for us to be asking about this, Matthew, since it's not directly about Rabbit - are you on that list? I'm not currently subscribed. 

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