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Steven Taylor taylste at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 07:00:51 GMT 2012

I agree... but it's not a politically correct thing to say.  ;-)  There
were people around in the 50s and 60s doing smart stuff in memory
constrained environments.  I have heard of research papers from that time
frame being referenced for work now.  It's very retro.  Though under the
radar, thankfully it isn't completely unappreciated.
On 9 March 2012 20:29, Jon Brisbin <jon at jbrisbin.com> wrote:

> > >> If you are pushing around binary, what's the method of providing
> > >> an
> > >> identity to Riak via a message?
> > > You can either let it use the exchange name as the bucket and the
> > > routing key as
> >
> > the Riak key, or you can specify them in a message header
> > (X-Riak-Bucket and X-Riak-Key respectively).
> >
> >
> > which rabbit tag do "X-Riak-Bucket" and "X-Riak-Key" these fit
> > inside?
> If using the Java client, you'd pass in arbitrary headers using the
> "AMQP.BasicProperties.Builder.headers(Map)" method: http://bit.ly/A4CWu3
> In Ruby, you'd pass them on the publish: "exchange.publish(msg, :headers
> => { "X-Riak-Bucket" => "foo", "X-Riak-Key" => "fookey" })"
> > > Last time I explored this BerkeleyDB was the solution...
> > > now I don't know the space well enough to form a solid opinion.
> >
> >
> > It has been a while, then! Things are much different in some ways and
> > not so much in others. How's that for an informative answer? ;)
> >
> > really really helpful. Once there was "internet time", are you
> > measuring in NOSQL-time? In normal time, not that long. ;-)
> Yes, NoSQL time is like dog years, only in months. So 7 months in NoSQL
> time is like 7 years anywhere else! :)
> That said, there's lots and lots of things that haven't changed in 30
> years. When you get down to it, it's still a key/value lookup and some
> things are very similar to what we were doing many years ago writing COBOL
> programs on CICS/mainframes. A few years ago, I worked pretty closely with
> some RPG programmers (AS/400) and they were pretty frustrated with our
> boss, who was trying to get them to learn to embed SQL into their programs
> (which they really hated...can't say as I blamed them...it was much uglier
> and didn't work as well as using a "set lower limit" and CHAIN) and just
> about the time they're starting to get the hang of that, I started talking
> about using NoSQL in our apps and they rightly recognized that that's
> exactly what they'd been doing for decades!
> The new kids think this stuff is all flashy and fancy and uber-modern and
> us old fogeys (that is, those of us just barely over 35 ;) see this as
> somewhat of a cyclic return to a simpler and more effective way to handle
> data that isn't altogether different from what it was like when we first
> started writing PC apps using FoxPro and dBase. :)
> Thanks!
> Jon Brisbin
> http://about.me/jonbrisbin
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