[rabbitmq-discuss] Connection and Channel Management

Glen Wagley glen.wagley at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 23:51:36 GMT 2012

I'm experimenting with rabbitmq to replace our current message queuing
implementation. Currently our test system is comprised of a REST web
service, a 3-node rabbitmq cluster, and a windows service. The REST service
acts as a front-end for our clients to send data to which then gets
published from the REST service to our rabbitmq cluster. The windows
service has multiple subscriber threads that consume the messages from the
cluster and do things like insert data from the message into a relational
database, send an email containing the message contents, etc.

Right now I am trying to figure out if I am limiting throughput to the
cluster because each instance of the REST service and each instance of the
windows service only has one connection to the cluster BUT multiple
channels. We support about two dozen message types right now and I've
created a channel for each one. Some channels have a lot of messages
flowing through while some have little to none depending on the day. Is
there a recommended approach to number of connections vs channels? We are
starting to load test the system and I am trying to understand what could
be tweaked to improve performance/throughput. Thanks.

Glen Wagley <glen.wagley at gmail.com>
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