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Lorenzo Rossi l.rossi.cons at vitrociset.it
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Many thanks for the replies. I was also able to successfully compile SimpleAmgpClient!


Lorenzo Rossi

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Currently we don't have a high-level consumer implementation as a part of the API for the rabbitmq-c library.  This is something I hope to remedy in the future.  For now I would recommend taking a look at one of the c++ wrappers out there (it looks like you've already found SimpleAmqpClient ).

Documentation is also (a high priority) thing on the todo list, that doesn't already exist yet.  The best you can do right now is look at the examples, and email the list if you have any specific questions.

On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 9:30 AM, Lorenzo Rossi <l.rossi.cons at vitrociset.it<mailto:l.rossi.cons at vitrociset.it>> wrote:
Dear Experts,
I would use RabbitMQ-C in my project, but I can't figure out how the consumer works. I built and installed the C library RabbitMQ-C, and took a look at the examples to see how the producer and consumer work. Even if the producer implementation is straightforward, I see that the consumer works in a really low-level fashion, I mean, in amqp_consumer.c, there are many passages using amqp_simple_wait_frame(), aimed at receveing the message fragments (I suppose). Do the library have some high-level consumer function, similar to the java nextDelivery() method in the Consumer class?  Moreover, do the library have some documentation?

Thanks in advance,


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