[rabbitmq-discuss] Lost message in 50k size range

John Reuning john at ibiblio.org
Tue Mar 6 16:48:48 GMT 2012

I'm using pika to send and receive bson-encoded binary data through
rabbitmq.  Pika 0.9.5, rabbitmq 2.7.1.  Everything works until the
message body goes over 49144 characters.  The message disappears into
the void at 49145 characters.  The content of the message doesn't seem
to matter, but I've not tested that extensively.  The encoding is set
to application/octet-stream.

Pika debug logging shows the message split into multiple frames and
sent to rabbitmq.  Trace logs don't show any activity.  Increasing
frame_max didn't help.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to debug
this or what might be going wrong?  I'd rather not resort to tcpdump.



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