[rabbitmq-discuss] Best OS and configuration needs

Jose Comboni trancos at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 20:11:53 GMT 2012

Hi All,

I'm new to the list, so please bear with me in case I ask something that
may be too obvious.
I'm trying to integrate RabbitMQ as a way to safely decouple components on
a client/server configuration; the system will be receiving Billions of
requests per month.

We're thinking of setting up a clustered queue with RabbitMQ, and I was
wondering what is the best platform to deploy something like this. Our main
development environment is in Windows (.NET), however, we are hosting at
least two other components in several Linux servers.

One more thing, in your experience, what is the recommended RAM needed for
clustered environments, and in the case of durable queues, is SSD
recommended? or RAID5 (with 8+ mechanical disks) and a small stripe size do
the job. The payload per message has an average of 400bytes (yes, that is


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