[rabbitmq-discuss] Transfer rate improvement above 45mb/second?

Matt matt.wolf74 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 15:33:51 GMT 2012

Hello, I setup a rabbitmq server on my local machine under Windows 7,
64 bit, and set up a test instance in C#. I look for the fastest way
to deliver messages in the same order than they were published onto
the bus through a direct connection (no fan out needed). I do not need
guaranteed delivery, all I am after is max speed to deliver the
messages to one single consumer. Currently I seem to max out at about
40,000 messages per second which is impressive but does not solve my
problem. I need to push around 115,000,000 messages and thus I started
to chunk the messages into larger byte arrays. Still I dont seem to
improve much as the max transfer rates maxes out at around 45mb/
second. Is there any way to improve those numbers? Pushing the
115,000,000 messages to the consumer currently takes around 50 seconds
no matter how I set the chunk size.

Thanks a lot for your input and advice.


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