[rabbitmq-discuss] building SimpleAmqpClient redux (Visual Studio 2008)

Eric J. Holtman eric at holtmans.com
Mon Mar 5 14:24:29 GMT 2012


I can get cmake to run.   It generates the solution files
and project files for VS 2008 just fine.

They won't compile.

errors are all like this:

1>c:\dev\simpleamqpclient\src\SimpleAmqpClient/BasicMessage.h(195) :
error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'Priority'

the problem is that none of the typedefs for uint8_t, uint16_t etc
seem to have been included.

I've also tried just taking the .cpp and .h files from
SimpleAmqpClient and making a project myself, and I
run into the same problem.

I'm really baffled, confused and frustrated.  I've
never ever had to fight this hard with a library just
to get a handful of .cpp and .h files to compile.

I'd really like to write some code, instead of fighting
the compiler.

Anyone have any clues?    Anyone willing to ship me
a working .vcproj file?

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