[rabbitmq-discuss] configure a RabbitMQ broker using XML.

Ashutosh Mathur amathur.q at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 09:29:04 GMT 2012

Can anyone please help me how to configure a RabbitMQ broker using XML?I
have an ActiveMQ broker and it is Configured as follows:

<!-- ActiveMQ Broker -->
    <amq:broker brokerName="ABC" persistent="true" useJmx="true">

            <amq:queue physicalName="queue1" />
            <amq:topic physicalName="topic1" />

            <amq:managementContext createConnector="false" />


             <amq:jdbcPersistenceAdapter dataSource="#dataSource"
useDatabaseLock="false" />

            <amq:transportConnector uri="tcp://" />
I tried doing it for RabbitMQ but didn't work(changed some fields,jms to
amqp,topic to queue) :(
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