[rabbitmq-discuss] Symmetric federation behavior

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Fri Mar 2 14:36:13 GMT 2012

Well, it will still claim to be a federated exchange, but if you don't
define any upstreams for it then it won't actually federate. Is that 
what you mean by "the exchange is still there with federation set-up"?

Sadly the code to let you monitor running federation links hasn't made
it into any releases yet so the only way to see if federation is
actually happening is to look for messages in the logs along the lines
of "Federation exchange foo connected to blah" at startup. There
shouldn't be any.

Cheers, Simon

On 02/03/12 14:21, Busoli, Simone wrote:
> Hi Simon, I have tried some local spikes before applying the solution
> in the production environment, but it appears that I cannot get to
> unfederate the exchange. Even if I change the configuration and
> restart the broker, it appears that the exchange is still there with
> federation set-up. Is that something I should expect?
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> On 02/03/12 11:14, Busoli, Simone wrote:
>> the exchange on that broker (as it is durable) would still be of
>> type x-federation, and I'm not sure the broker will like it.
> It's fine to have a federated exchange with no upstreams. It will act
> like a normal exchange.
> Cheers, Simon
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