[rabbitmq-discuss] help required: bind function

Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
Tue Jan 31 22:12:22 GMT 2012

Hi, Saima.

To address some of your questions.

A producer publishes *to* an exchange.  It's a decision a producer makes
when publishing, much as you might decide which mailbox you plant to drop
you post card in while you're on vacation.

A queue is *bound* to an exchange.  Depending on the type of the exchange,
certain rules, and the properties of the message, determine whether or not
a given message follows that binding into a particular destination queue.
Think of the action is being like that of the postal worker, who pulls your
postcard from the mailbox, looks at it, and determines where to take it.
How a routing key is interpreted depends on the exchange type in this context.

I'm not sure what you mean by having implemented classes for exchanges, and queues.
Are you writing an AMQP client that you intend to use with someone else's broker?
Or are you wrapping these entities up in some way that is convenient for the needs
of your C++ application?  Or are you implementing an actual AMQP broker, perhaps
for teaching purposes?

Best regards,

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Hi All, 

I am going to understand AMQP version 0-9 at simpler level, The binding function definition is problem for me. First issue isHow I can randomly define the messages, if I did that How a message knows to go to which exchange, so that exchange can move to particular queue. I have defined queue and exchange as a class. I have defined routing key as well. I have implemented the queues that store such messages. But I need your help in defining bind() and How to route message to exchanges. 

I am using visual C++, can send the code if required but its not in its refined form. 
Any help would be highly appreciated. Sorry if I am not following your format of writing emails. I am new to this. 
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