[rabbitmq-discuss] Specifying channel_max

Dan Dart dan at canddi.com
Fri Jan 27 16:00:18 GMT 2012

We're after being able to increase channel_max so that Rabbit can
handle more and not give us errors about not having enough channel
According to Rabbit documentation on AMQP:

current status in rabbit: planned
Type: MUST
Actor: server
Reference: connection / tune-ok / channel-max / upper-limit	
Text: If the client specifies a channel max that is higher than the
value provided by the server, the server MUST close the connection
without attempting a negotiated close. The server may report the error
in some fashion to assist implementors.

It would seem the server has to specify this too. But it is not
implemented in Rabbit right now.

Am I right? Is there no other way of increasing the load handled and
getting rid of the channel ids problem?

We're using this PHP library which specifies channel_max in
The exception we're getting occurs on line 154 of the same file.


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