[rabbitmq-discuss] Add RabbitMQ Binding to existing Application Config

victor.poon at amd.com victor.poon at amd.com
Fri Jan 27 15:40:55 GMT 2012

I am using
RaabitMQ 2.7.1 under .Net 4.0 , Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.

I copied the WCF config file from your HelloWorld examcple under wcf
However, when I try to edit WCF configuration file using
It complains that rabbitmqbinding could not be found. I point it back
to RabbitMQ.ServiceModel.dll under
my folder C:\Users\vpoon\Downloads\rabbitmq-dotnet-client-2.7.1-

But it compalins that the assmbly is not valid.

Any idea? I tried reload the zip from web site again and it still got
the same error.

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