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> My question is, what are the vhosts for, are they required ? If not
> then what are the advantages of using them ?

Virtual hosts give you namespace separation.  All users, exchanges, queues
and bindings in each virtual host are unreachable from all other virtual
hosts.  This is a good feature to use if you want ensure

Alas, if you are like us, you'd like to compartmentalize customer data
using virtual hosts, but you'd also like to shuffle some data among those
virtual hosts (e.g. from a a primary VH to individual customer VHs), but
this becomes impractical in a dynamic environment.

The only want to shuffle that data among VHs it to use the shovel or
federation plugins, and both require that you restart the nodes hosting
them to make any changes (e.g. add a customer and thus add a shovel to
their own virtual host).

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