[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang 14 -> 15

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu Jan 26 14:32:09 GMT 2012

Hi Jim,

On 26/01/12 14:16, Langston, Jim wrote:
> Hi all,
> Any recommendations on doing an upgrade from 14
> to 15 ? Is it a good thing to do ? Any performance gains ?
> I'm on 14B, with RHEL6.1 , even though 15 is the latest,
> I'm not looking to run on Windows

Erlang is continually improving and we recommend the latest non-alpha
version. The latest version includes line numbers in stack traces, which
makes it easier for us to help you in case things go wrong.

The Erlang website has more documentation for the release you are
considering: http://www.erlang.org/download/otp_src_R15B.readme

In my own tests I have not observed a big performance gain, but that is
not the only consideration that should guide your decision.


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