[rabbitmq-discuss] slave_nodes and synchronised_slave_nodes from HTTP API - Something's odd:

Matt Pietrek mpietrek at skytap.com
Wed Jan 25 17:37:12 GMT 2012

Following on to an earlier thread
ml) (Thanks Simon!), I've found something interesting.

I've modified my tool code to call rabbitmqadmin.py "list queues" using
"slave_nodes" and  "synchronised_slave_nodes" as suggested by SimonM, and it
mostly works as expected. (I'm using raw_json as output, for what it's

In one case (the "VMMunger" queue below), the returned 'slave_nodes' field
is empty, while the 'synchronised_slave_nodes' field is 'rabbit at play2'. In
other words, exactly the *opposite* of what you'd expect if the queue was
not in sync. The strangeness is further corroborated by the copy/paste
results of the Queues tab in the Web management UI, which reports that the
VMMunger queue *is* in sync:

<>   rabbit at play
+1      HA D   Idle 0 0 0
VMMunger <>   rabbit at play +1
HA D   Idle 0 0 0
fake_configmgr <>
rabbit at play +1      HA D   Idle 0 0 0
<>   rabbit at play +1
HA D   Idle 0 0 0
fake_service_2 <>
rabbit at play +1      HA D   Idle 0 0 0

The 'slave_nodes' and 'synchronised_slave_nodes' fields of the four other
queues as returned by "list queues" are exactly what I'd expect them to be,
and match up with the Web Mgmt UI.

Here's the returned JSON string, FWIW.

str: [
{"synchronised_slave_nodes":["rabbit at play2"],"messages":0,"slave_nodes":["ra
bbit at play2"],"name":" ConfigurationManager"},
{"synchronised_slave_nodes":["rabbit at play2"],"messages":0,"slave_nodes":[],"
{"synchronised_slave_nodes":["rabbit at play2"],"messages":0,"slave_nodes":
["rabbit at play2"],"name":"fake_configmgr"},
{"synchronised_slave_nodes":["rabbit at play2"],"messages":0,"
slave_nodes":["rabbit at play2"],"name":"fake_munger_queue"},
["rabbit at play2"],"messages":0,"slave_nodes":["rabbit at play2"],"name":"fake_se

Any ideas?

Thanks much,


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