[rabbitmq-discuss] Java client blocked when opening channel

Steve Powell steve at rabbitmq.com
Wed Jan 25 14:49:33 GMT 2012


Starting in 2.7.0, the threading model (for channels and Consumers) changed, so
I would expect the behaviour to be quite different now.

Have you tried upgrading to 2.7.1?

If you still experience the problem, some more information would be useful --
like a 'rabbitmqctl report' after the hang has taken place, and a thread stack
trace of the java app which is blocked, and so on.

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On 24 Jan 2012, at 10:13, Guillaume Perrot wrote:

> Matthias Radestock <matthias at ...> writes:
>> Jiri,
>> On 23/02/11 09:56, Jiri Krutil wrote:
>>> One of our threads got stuck inside AMQConnection.createChannel() and
>>> would not return.
>>> [...]
>>> We are running RabbitMQ 2.1.0 (both server and Java client).
>> A fix for a bug with similar symptoms appeared in the 2.3.x Java client, 
>> so I suggest you upgrade the client to 2.3.1. Might as well upgrade the 
>> server at the same time, though that's not strictly necessary.
>> Matthias.
> I have the same problem with v2.5.1
> createChannel does not have a timeout ?
> When the problem happens, consuming stops on already running 
> channels for this connection.
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