[rabbitmq-discuss] Determining if two clustered brokers are in sync

Matt Pietrek mpietrek at skytap.com
Tue Jan 24 20:43:18 GMT 2012

Just looking for some quick confirmation that I'm not trying to do the

I'm crafting some custom tooling that queries the sync status of a mirrored
queue on RabbitMQ 2.71/Ubuntu 10.04.

I've been successfully using the HTTP API via the rabbitmqadmin module and
been able to get some of the info I need . However,  the "slave_pids" and
"synchronised_slave_pids" values don't seem to be available.

The primary question is thus:  Are "slave_pids" and
"synchronised_slave_pids" available via the rabbitmq HTTP API?

Additional Background Information for the curious:

Per the rabbitmqctl cmd-line help, "slave_pids" and
"synchronised_slave_pids" are valid queueinfoitems.

In my experience, queueinfoitems are valid additional arguments to
"rabbitmqadmin list queues"

I've simplified the repro case down to the following difference between
rabbitmqctl vs. rabbitmqadmin:

Rabbitmqctl displays certain queueinfoitem fields as expected:

mpietrek at play:~/work/$rabbitmqctl list_queues consumers messages name
slave_pids synchronised_slave_pids
Listing queues ...
0 0 fake_munger_queue [<rabbit at play2.1.248.0>] [<rabbit at play2.1.248.0>]
0 0 fake_service_2 [<rabbit at play2.1.250.0>] [<rabbit at play2.1.250.0>]

However, rabbitmqadmin doesn't:

mpietrek at play:~/work/$rabbitmqadmin.py list queues consumers messages name
slave_pids synchronised_slave_pids
| consumers | messages |         name         | slave_pids |
synchronised_slave_pids |
| 0         | 0        | fake_munger_queue    |            |
| 0         | 0        | fake_service_2       |            |

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