[rabbitmq-discuss] beam.smp memory consumption keeps growing

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn djacobfeuerborn at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 16:58:52 GMT 2012

The dump is 1.8M big. Should I send this to a specific email address? I can 
also put the file on a web server.

It seems the memory is consumed by the queues. Notice how this queue 
consumes 142mb event though there are no messages queued.

<rabbit@ rabbitmq1.2.464.0>      Exactag.Click.MySql.Stat        true    
false   []                                              0       0       
0       4       142211320       [{q1,0}, {q2,0}, 
{delta,{delta,undefined,0,undefined}}, {q3,0}, {q4,0}, {len,0}, 
{pending_acks,0}, {target_ram_count,infinity}, {ram_msg_count,0}, 
{ram_ack_count,0}, {next_seq_id,741980}, {persistent_count,0}, 
{avg_ingress_rate,0.0}, {avg_egress_rate,0.0}, {avg_ack_ingress_rate,0.0}, 

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