[rabbitmq-discuss] Database lag and delayed processing of messages

Mark static.void.dev at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 18:01:10 GMT 2012

Are there any alternative methods/workarounds for these type of problems?

Also is there any documentation out there on the dead-letter queue?

On 1/19/12 9:30 AM, Simon MacMullen wrote:
> On 19/01/12 17:25, Mark wrote:
>> Is there anyway I could configure an exchange/queue/consumer to
>> route/deliver/consume a message in the future?
>> For example we have run into a situation whereas we produce a message
>> for a record that was just inserted into our master database. When our
>> consumer tries to act upon this message the record has not be replicated
>> to the slaves yet so the message consumption fails. Is there any way we
>> can queue up this message in say 5 seconds? Of course we could always
>> requeue a failed consumed message but that would lead us to a situation
>> where the we could be consume/producing in an infinite loop. How do
>> people typically handle this situation?
> Not right now.
> In the near future we hope to have dead lettering. When that happens 
> you could publish to a queue with a 5 second message TTL, and have 
> that queue dead letter to the "real" queue.
> But not yet I'm afraid.
> Cheers, Simon

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