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Eugene Kirpichov ekirpichov at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 17:25:34 GMT 2012

19.01.2012, в 20:08, "Iain Hull" <iain.hull at workday.com> написал(а):

>> It sounds like you find losing messages slightly acceptable (certainly 
>> better than getting dups) and are thus only using acks because you are 
>> using QoS. Is that right?
> Yes in this case I would prefer to drop some (very small amount of)
> messages
> instead of getting dups.
>> If so then the simple thing to do would be to just ignore (after
> acking) 
>> any messages which have the "redelivered" flag set.
> This could work but we would have to reduce the channel prefetch down to
> 1, to ensure that each channel only lost one message when a connection
> dies.  
Is this (1 message prefetch) a problem in your case?

> Currently the channel's prefetch is 50 with a maybe 50 queues (each of
> these are merged down to a single in memory queue - one per rabbitmq
> host and one per tenant).  This queue could contain hundreds of
> messages.  I would not like to lose all these messages when a connection
> drops, One or two messages near the head would be ok however.
> Regards,
> Iain.
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