[rabbitmq-discuss] Ruby Gem with Unicorn server

Mark static.void.dev at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 17:40:16 GMT 2012

Reading through 
and I noticed when using the AMQP gem with Unicorn you must:

/"start the EventMachine reactor and AMQP connection after the master 
process forks workers"/

We've been using Unicorn for some time now so I'm aware of 
reestablishing connections after Unicorn forks, however I have some 
questions in regards to AMQP. Do I simply need to start up AMQP in a 
separate thread as in the example:

Thread.new  {  AMQP.start  }

Then in my controllers I would need to do everything inside a next_tick 

EventMachine.next_tick  do

Is this all that is required? How come in the example we are connecting 
to a channel/queue in the after_fork hook? Is this for debugging purposes?

I also have one other question regarding EventMachine#next_tick. I've 
read that:

/"Everything scheduled using EM#next_tick will happen synchronously in 
the main thread.  Any long running tasks inside an EM#next_tick block 
will cause the entire program to block until complete. Typically a bad 

/Does this mean we don't gain anything by using EM in this fashion.. ie 
our attempt to use AMQP asynchronously is actually synchronous?

Thanks for the clarification!

- M

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