[rabbitmq-discuss] Windows RabbitMQ Crashes and Blue Screens under Load

Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
Wed Jan 11 19:16:44 GMT 2012

Hi, James:

I'm not sure we have a totally great way of handing off the files.  If
they're small enough just emailing me a .tar.gz-file or the like is great.
Otherwise, we might consider DropBox or the like...

Thanks for poking at it further.

Out of curiosity, are you looking at deploying Rabbit into production on
Windows, or is this mostly on dev/test machines?  Anecdotally it seems like
the various Linuxes get much wider production use than the other platforms,
and thus at any moment there are more eyes prying and more hands exercising

Best regards,

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Yeah, I should have mentioned that we started out testing with the 64-bit version and found this issue... though the VM probably didn't have very much more memory than a 32-bit address space would provide.  Then we backed down to the 32-bit version to see if it went away, but it didn't.

I will see if we can send out the test program (it's just a simple java app using the rabbitmq-java-client-2.7.1).  If I can send it out, how would I go about this... attach to the email or upload it to a server somewhere?


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James:  Out of curiousity have you tried the new 64-bit release of
Erlang for Windows in your environment?  The address space size
limitations of the 32-bit version have been associated with crashy
Rabbits in the past (although bringing your memory high watermark
value down so that the back-pressure mechanisms engage when the
broker is in less trouble may help).  I think you can scare up the
new Erlang here:


Until recently there was no 64-bit Erlang, so even those running on
64-bit Windows boxes were still relegated to 32-bit VMs.

I am curious about the different results between a physical machine
and a virtualized one, with one showing a "clean" Erlang VM crash and
the other exhibiting a blue-screen, fatal OS-wrecker...

Is the traffic you're using to bring these systems down part of a
large or proprietary app, or can you extract a bare minimum piece
of code that brings the pain and share it with us?  If you could
do the latter we could more easily investigate the situation within
VMware since the difference in behavior between baremetal and
virtualization is disquieting...

Best regards,

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Subject: [rabbitmq-discuss] Windows RabbitMQ Crashes and Blue Screens under	Load

We’ve let loose one of our testing ninjas on RabbitMQ for load testing, and we’re consistently running into issues when the high memory watermark is hit.

Windows Server 2003 32-bit , Erlang R15B 32-bit, Rabbit 2.7.1

2,000 Consumers each with their own queue bound to a direct exchange

1 Producer, publishing a 2 MB message to the exchange, once every second, for a total of 50 seconds

Everything behaves as expected, until the memory footprint hits the high watermark, at which point:

On a physical machine: ERL process crashes and dump file is created

On a Virtual Machine: Blue Screen of Death is shown and server reboots

VM environment = VMware, Inc.® vCenter Lab Manager 4.0 ( 

One other note is that we see the same problem with ERL R14B04 and Rabbit 2.7.0.

I have looked through the log file and also turned on the console debug output, and nothing seems to be jumping out as an error. If needed, I can upload the minidump from the Blue Screen and the ERL crash dump file, just point me where to do it.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to try and help get this fixed.

In the rabbit log, there are no errors, and only a few warnings 20 seconds before the crash:

=INFO REPORT==== 11-Jan-2012::10:55:53 ===

closing TCP connection <0.4405.0> from

=WARNING REPORT==== 11-Jan-2012::10:55:53 ===

exception on TCP connection <0.20552.0> from


In the console output log file for the physical machine, this is the only message I see:

starting direct_client ...done

starting notify cluster nodes ...done

broker running

Eshell V5.9 (abort with ^G)

(rabbit at QEDLP082)1>

Crash dump was written to: C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator.QEDLP/Application Data/RabbitMQ/erl_crash.dump

eheap_alloc: Cannot allocate 6731340 bytes of memory (of type "heap").

in message_loop

win32sysinfo:Erlang has closed.

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