[rabbitmq-discuss] Auth failure: Bad CONNECT

dnsplus developer at dnsplus.net
Mon Jan 9 18:08:30 GMT 2012

Hello, World !

First, I am very new to RabbitMQ, and linux is not my preferred platform.
However, I am working on building a small virtual applicance which will run
RabbitMQ. I have the appliance built with SLES 11 SP1, with ERLANG and
RabbitMQ integrated (manually added) from Suse Studio. 

My applicance boots up, and rabbitmq-server starts happily.  I can
successfuly run all the rabbitmqctl commands. I have the stomp_plugin
loading at startup, and I can connect via telnet to confirm that the port is
open, and in fact listening. 

However I cannot 'connect' to the server using a STOMP client. My client
session shows:

wgmq201:/home/mq-admin/scripts # perl connect.pl
*** unexpected ERROR frame received: Bad CONNECT

My RabbitMQ Logs show this:

=INFO REPORT==== 9-Jan-2012::11:15:39 ===
accepted TCP connection on [::]:61613 from

=INFO REPORT==== 9-Jan-2012::11:15:39 ===
starting STOMP connection <0.256.0> from ::FFFF:

=ERROR REPORT==== 9-Jan-2012::11:15:39 ===
STOMP error frame sent:
Message: "Bad CONNECT"
Detail: "Authentication failure\n"
Server private detail: none

I have used the rabbitmqctl reset_password guest guest command 

This is the connect.pl script i have thus far:

#!/perl/bin -w

use Net::STOMP::Client;

$stomp = Net::STOMP::Client->new(host=>'localhost', port=>61613);

$stomp->connect(login=>"guest", passcode=>"guest");

Please advise, and thanks !
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