[rabbitmq-discuss] Why are deliveries still showing even though msg counts show 0 in admin?

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Mon Jan 9 10:43:14 GMT 2012


On 05/01/12 14:18, AndyB wrote:
> Does 10 minutes sounds like a valid delay period?  Seems like an
> awfully long time to me.

I does seem like a very long time. Can you confirm that this is
happening on a single node (no clustering), clients are not using
auto-ack, and QoS prefetching is set to 2?

I understand that after all the message counts have reached 0, and
publishers stopped publishing you see a positive delivery rate for 10

What is the delivery rate you see during the 10 minutes?
I assume publishers are connected during the 10 minutes - are any of
them perhaps publishing at a low rate?

> I understand that the message is always delivered from RAM.  But if
> the message was on disk, it has to be pulled from there and put into
> RAM to be delivered.  My question was really more around whether or
> not the counts displayed reflected messages that were on disk as well
> as those that might be in RAM?

Whether a message was not on disk, on disk as well as RAM, or spent time
only on disk (removed from RAM and then reloaded later) is not directly
reflected in any of the management console statistics.


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