[rabbitmq-discuss] Why are deliveries still showing even though msg counts show 0 in admin?

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu Jan 5 14:09:06 GMT 2012

Hi Andy,

On 04/01/12 15:09, AndyB wrote:
>> Where I'm getting confused is that when it seems to me like all of the
>> messages have been processed, the counts all show 0, I still see the
>> delivery rates showing values and they continue to do so for a good
>> amount of time.  During this time, the counts remain 0, as well as the

The rates are calculated by making comparisons with previous stats and
calculating the difference. There is an inevitable delay involved - is
this perhaps what you are seeing?

>> incoming messages rates (as nothing else is being published).  So it
>> seems to me like the counts arent showing messages that are really
>> there, which are still being delivered.  What's going on there?  Could
>> these possibly be messages that are being delivered from disk that got
>> streamed there because memory was too low to keep them in RAM?

No, whether the message was ever on disk is not a factor, and even if a
message was on disk it is always delivered via RAM.


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