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James Carr james.r.carr at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 18:52:38 GMT 2012

When I get home I'll try to send out that excel spreadsheet I put
together for a failed RabbitMQ Recipes book proposal. I had at least
70 "How Do I...?" questions on it.

I backed away from the proposal because I realized I had tempered my
knowledge with much real world experience but plan to get back to
eventually. :)


On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 12:30 PM, Tony Garnock-Jones
<tonygarnockjones+rabbitmq at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> What questions should go on a "How do I ... with RabbitMQ?" page on the
> Rabbit website?
> I'm imagining both basic low-level how-tos as well as higher-level best
> practices for achieving a certain result. Essentially describing a few use
> cases for messaging in general.
> I can think of a few examples to kick things off:
> How do I prioritize delivery of some messages over others with RabbitMQ? (A:
> Take Doug Barth's approach, or some variation of it)
> How do I queue up tasks for later processing with RabbitMQ? (A: Use celery
> perhaps? Plenty of approaches to roll-your-own too)
> How do I send email from a RabbitMQ queue?
> How do I receive messages from HTTP POSTs into a RabbitMQ exchange?
> How do I push messages to the browser using RabbitMQ?
> How do I connect to RabbitMQ from iOS devices?
> The "Going Further" section of the existing how.html page has some good
> things on it. I'm sure some of the other links on that page could be
> presented in more general "How do I...?" terms, too. What else am I missing?
> Cheers,
>   Tony
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