[rabbitmq-discuss] Automating a RabbitMQ 3.0 cluster on EC2

Francesco Mazzoli f at mazzo.li
Sat Dec 29 14:37:38 GMT 2012

> ...

OK, I think I understand your issues better now: you’d like better tools to
exist to setup clustering in an automated environment like Chef.  Right now we
don’t provide much in that space.

What we had in mind is something along the lines of “take a declarative
description of a cluster, e.g. ‘I want a rabbit cluster consisting of four
nodes, A,B,C,D. A & B shall be disk nodes, C & D ram nodes’, and try to convert
that into a set of commands to execute on the four machines, with the commands
being idempotent and execution order between machines being irrelevant.”.  This
sounds reasonable and not too hard to do.  I can’t promise anything though :).

For what concerns now, things like

> join_cluster does fit my needs, but in an automated environment, e.g. with
> Chef, that command would be triggered every 30 minutes. Would you consider
> that a good practice to do?

Are perfectly fine, you can easily check periodically if a node is clustered as
you want and fix it if something is not of your liking.  However be aware that
`join_cluster' will leave the current cluster the node is in and thus reset the
node, so act carefully.


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