[rabbitmq-discuss] Any movement on RabbitMQ-ØMQ?

Murray Williams murraytodd at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 21:24:54 GMT 2012

I'm trying to build some glue between a system that uses a low-level ØMQ 
implementation and some Enterprise (J2EE for the moment) frameworks, and I 
got excited when I read the blog about the RabbitMQ-ØMQ plugin. 
Unfortunately, that plugin seems to depend on the older Erlang-ØMQ (erlzmq) 
bindings instead of the newer erlzmq2 bindings, and the older bindings 
don't compile against my recent version of Erlang ("Driver compiled with 
incorrect version of erl_driver.h") so I'm stuck, unless I want to 
downgrade my system's Erlang version, but even if I did that, this would 
give me a very brittle solution.

Does anyone know if the RabbitMQ-ØMQ stuff has been used much in the past 
two years since the first posting? Am I looking at a dead end here?
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