[rabbitmq-discuss] Federation and upstream cluster

Vladislav Pernin vladislav.pernin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 17:02:03 GMT 2012


I'm running RabbitMQ 3.0.1 on two cluster of Linux servers.

Let's name the two clusters :
- downstream cluster running a federation to get messages from upstream
- upstream cluster

The documentation explains well if a node fails, links to upstream
exchanges will be recreated on a surviving node.
There is no problem for the "client" side of the federation.

I cannot use a load balancer if fail over mode to have high avaibility of
the upstream cluster.

What would be the recommended solution in this case ?

I have tried to set up two upstream and group them in a upstream set, but I
have the following problem :
- when I shut down one the node, the federation status shows the matching
upstream down as expected but after having restarted the first one, if
I shut down the other one, both the federation status shows both upstream
- so, I tried to add a ha-mode policy to all on the federated queue, it is
now possible to shutdown either one or the other node, but it seems that
I'm losing some messages.

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