[rabbitmq-discuss] Amqp Gem and Unicorn

Milo Burr burrmilo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 05:36:32 GMT 2012

Hey all,

I've scoured the internet and this mailing list for Unicorn + Amqp examples 
and can't seem to find anything that works for my use case, which is 
presumably a very common one.  Basically, based on user web requests I want 
to publish messages to a queue, have them processed on another server, and 
then show the results to the user.  I would be extremely grateful is 
someone could provide any insight here.

So my current design (based mostly on the Amqp gem examples and this gist: 
https://gist.github.com/2692861) waits for a unicorn worker to fork, runs 
the EM in another thread, and then does a next_tick that creates the 
connection to the server.  Two issues:

1. From my controllers, what is the best way to publish messages?  That 
gist has the controllers calling "EventLoopHelper.run" and then publishing, 
but shouldn't the EM already be running in another thread?  It seems like I 
should be calling next_tick with a block that publishes a message, that way 
on the next reactor tick the message will get published.  But when I use 
next_tick, the messages get publishes sometimes and other times nothing 
happens.  That is, someones the message isn't published and other times a 
bunch of messages are published.  Is this a thread safety issue or am I 
just completely missing something?  I haven't event attempted to add 
subscribe functionality into the reactor yet, so nothing should be blocking 
the reactor.

2. I also want my unicorn rails app to subscribe to a queue that has the 
result of the long-running jobs that occur on another server.  If I call 
subscribe in the reactor event loop, will that block the reactor from 
publishing messages submitted by the controllers?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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