[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmqctl status terminates all Web-STOMP client connections

Adam Ashley aashley at adamashley.name
Tue Dec 18 05:34:13 GMT 2012

We're using RabbitMQ 3.0.1 from the RabbitMQ supplied Debian packages to 
provide a link to a HTML based application. This takes advantage of the 
Web-STOMP plugin. Currently the client is making use of the iframe-xhr 
capabilities of the SockJS library when connecting.

Connections work successfully and will stay up for days at a time until 
"rabbitmqctl status" is run on the rabbitmq server. At that point all 
connections are terminated and due to the iframe-xhr in sockjs the client 
doesn't always see this disconnect.

When rabbitmqctl status is run the following appears within the log files:

=ERROR REPORT==== 18-Dec-2012::13:16:52 ===
** Generic server <0.1627.0> terminating 
** Last message in was which_children
** When Server state == {state,
** Reason for termination == 
** {{case_clause,{odd_request,which_children}},

And this is output at the console where the command was run:
root at mq01:~# rabbitmqctl status
Status of node rabbit at mq01 ...
Error: {{{case_clause,{odd_request,which_children}},

This only occurs when a Web-STOMP client is connected. Normal STOMP clients 
do not have an issue.

Adam Ashley
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