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Am I correctly interpreting the following link:
I can have publish inside a transaction, but not receive inside a tx, and the transaction is not atomic ?
Could someone please post a link to where I can view an example of a transaction in Rabbit ?

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Subject: [rabbitmq-discuss] Java queueDeclare statement
Maybe its just that my Java is very rusty, but I see a difference bewtween the AQPI guide and the ...

I am using the following link to the API guide


The API Guide uses the following (and I can get this command to work)

channel.queueDeclare(queueName, true, false, false, null);
However, in the in the Java Interface I found in this page


I see the following:

 AMQP.Queue.DeclareOk  queueDeclare() 
          Actively declare a server-named exclusive, autodelete, non-durable queue.   
 AMQP.Queue.DeclareOk  queueDeclare(java.lang.String queue) 
          Actively declare a non-exclusive, non-autodelete, non-durable queue   
 AMQP.Queue.DeclareOk  queueDeclare(java.lang.String queue, boolean durable) 
          Actively declare a non-exclusive, non-autodelete queue
 The name of the new queue is held in the "queue" field of the AMQP.Queue.DeclareOk result.   
 AMQP.Queue.DeclareOk  queueDeclare(java.lang.String queue, boolean passive, boolean durable, boolean exclusive, boolean autoDelete, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object> arguments) 
          Declare a queue 
 None of these match the one I found in the API guide.  The closest is the last one in the table, but that includes  a reference to the 'passive' prameter that is aparently not included in the reference I found in the API guide

What am I missing, or is my Java simply weak ?

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