[rabbitmq-discuss] Blocked Connections

Rawat geegalrawat at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 19:56:18 GMT 2012

We use RabbitMQ in our production environment. There are 6 publishers
and 2 consumers. Suddenly we have seen problems where RabbitMQ  blocks
the connections from producers as well as consumers. We have 8 GB of
RAM on the RabbitMQ host. And our queues are non-persistent. We are
using Exchange/Fanout. Our RabbitMQ Server version is 2.8.6

I am wondering :

-- Is it a known issue with version 2.8.6 ?
-- Do you recommend upgrading to latest 3.0 version ?

What is most severe in our case is that when RabbitMQ blocks producer
connections, On producer side the thread that was publishing data to
rabbitmq, gets blocked. And that thread is a critical thread that does
other jobs too in Producer. Is there a way so that when connection is
blocked, producer thread gets exception instead of getting infinitely
blocked ?

Any idea/suggestion is most welcome.

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